Explorer & Only Woman To Walk Around Australia, Terra Roam

Episode 049
Terra doesn’t have a house, no car and the mountains are her home. At heart, she is an activist and a campaigner – that’s how she feels useful in this world.
Today’s guest started to see the most of Australia at a very young age. Now, she is the only woman to ever walk 17,000 km unsupported, roaming Australia. Meet Terra Roam.
Terra goes camping, bushwalking, cycling and sailing all over the world for 25 years now. She is on the mission to raise awareness on eco-tourism and sustainability not only in Australia but around the globe.

Terra’s biggest teacher is nature – from the moment she started to crawl and walk up until she studied Environmental Science at the Charles Sturt University.

Growing up, Kosciuszko National Park (Australia’s Snowy Mountains) was her backyard. At the time, Terra knew she couldn’t settle at a job that is situated inside and that wanted to be outdoors. And so, at 17, she did her first solo night walk in the mountains and from there Terra extended that to multi-day to multi-month works up in the mountains.

In 2008, Terra put up a non-profit charity mostly to raise marine awareness as well as climate change. In her excursion to protecting the marine environment, Terra started receiving death threats and, at some point, went into hiding as she started to suffer mental health issues.

In this interview, Terra shares more of this very dark and difficult period of her life as well as insights on mental health. She narrates the detailed accounts of her walks all over the place, including her record walk all over Australia from Tasmania, Perth, Adelaide, Broome, up to the north of Central Australia, Queensland and more.

She also provides advice for people looking to embark on something to reach the end goal of raising awareness.

In this episode, you will learn more about Terra’s journey, why she’s done it and how. Walk your way through her definition of happiness and success. Connect with her via email terraroams@gmail.com on Instagram and Facebook at Terra Roams

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