Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Educator, Natasha Munasinghe

Episode 020
My guest for today is a risk-taker and a go-getter. Natasha Munasinghe.

Today’s guest is a lawyer, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. She is currently the CEO of a leading education and training company in Australia that has trained more than 80,000 people in leadership and business skills. For her, when an opportunity arises, take it – always. Meet Natasha Munasinghe.

Natasha is a lawyer by profession but a business woman by heart. Tenacious that she is, Natasha grabs every opportunity. One of her motto’s is: You just have to be naïve and say yes. You will find out a way to make things work.

Natasha pursued law studies but always yearned to launch her own venture. Optimistic that she is, she took the leap, even without enough knowledge and backgroud. Now, she’s the CEO of a leading education and training organisation in Australia.

Born in Sri Lanka, Natasha was highly influenced by her grandfather, a university lecturer,  and her mom, who was a lawyer. She came to Australia as an international student from the Fiji Islands, where she moved and stayed when the civil war broke in her home country.

Natasha’s journey to success wasn’t all usual and an easy drive. After uni, she started working at a medical research organisation. She was enjoying her position and the knowledge obtained from her mentors when the GFC hit and she had to give up her job. This is when she decided to start travelling around the world.  This is when she learned to listen to her gut feeling.

Starting up a business often entails uncertainty and ambiguity. But for Natasha, it is all about knowing how comfortable you can be with being uncomfortable and being unstable”. Once you learn how to do this you will be able to start taking chances.

Eventually, Natasha saw the opportunity to become an entrepreneur when the sale of an education and training business came her way. She said ‘yes’. Fast forward to the present, Natasha now heads her own established company where they have hundreds of training programs and they have trained tens of thousands of people.

In this interview, Natasha provides you with sound advice in building and sustaining a business as well as creating long-lasting growth in both a professional and personal level in order to obtain true freedom.

Join me in this episode and learn more about Natasha’s journey to a successful business. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and frankteam.com.au

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