Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle

Episode 142
Duncan Wardle is an innovation expert who has mastered the art of reframing. It is his ability to transform the way we perceive situations that allowed him to reach the top of his career. He sees curiosity and creativity as the best tools to grow. He also believes inclusivity and diversity lead to a company’s success.

Today’s guest is the former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney. He has spent 30 years in one of the most loved companies in the world. There, he has seen the wonder of children and how we should tap into the child in each of us. Meet Duncan Wardle.

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How can tapping into the child in each of us lead to more professional success and personal growth? Duncan Wardle shares his thoughts on creativity and management.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Duncan Wardle:

  • 9:53 – Creative thinking
  • 14:24 – Creativity and adversity
  • 21: 43 – Experience before retail
  • 29:03 – Sparking creative thinking
  • 31:32 – Working with others
  • 37:46 – Managing expectations
  • 40:38 – Creating flow
Duncan Wardle is a motivator whose leadership style sees each employee as vital to a company. He deeply believes in caring more about purpose than profit, putting customer experience over sales.

Duncan Wardle spent 30 years learning from the amazing world of Disney. Now, he teaches leaders and helps businesses on how to be more creative and innovative. To him, it pretty much boils down to being as naturally curious as children. For this quality to rise, however, we must be free from restrictions and environments that kill our creativity.

To this innovator, a fruitful idea session must begin with laughter and playfulness. It is through play that we unlock the subconscious and let our minds lose. Our curiosity also needs to be ignited in order to create. Without our imagination, any idea cannot go any further. Finally, we need to be attuned to our intuition to know whether a creative pursuit is worth it or not.

Above anything else, Duncan Wardle believes that customer experience matters. Addressing and finding creative solutions for the customers’ pain points should always be a top priority. A true humanitarian, Duncan Wardle also believes in making sure employees–no matter what level–are able to contribute to the company.

In this interview, Duncan Wardle takes us on an interactive conversation and illustrates how he helps businesses succeed. He poses some challenging questions about creativity, adversity and expectations.


You can connect with Duncan Wardle through his website,

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