Anna Goodson Illustration and Motion Graphics Agency Founder and President, Anna Goodson

Episode 134
Anna Goodson is a woman of ambition and fun. She believes in following one’s passion, which to her is representing artists so they could live out their dreams.

Today’s guest is the founder and president of Anna Goodson Illustration and Motion Graphics Agency. She leads a worldwide company that connects artists with clients and projects. She find joy in creative projects and is not afraid of taking chances. Meet Anna Goodson.

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What happens when you take a chance on yourself and how do you use this passion to lead others? Anna Goodson shows us what makes her a world-class agent and leader.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Anna Goodson:

  • 4:18 – Resilience
  • 6:45 – Taking action
  • 12:28 – Failure and moving forward
  • 15:25 – Decision-making
  • 16:13 – Working with others
  • 21:44 – Learning from others
  • 25:05 – Taking a step back
  • 33:40 – Creativity and purpose
  • 38:28 – Difficult times
  • 46:48 – Negotiation
  • 54:04 – Storytelling and business
Anna Goodson is fueled by her passion. Her confidence and strong persona make her one of the most respected leaders in her industry. Celebrating 25 years in February, her company supports the lives of hundreds of creatives.

Anna Goodson has been a go-getter from the beginning. She never allowed anything to get in the way of her dreams. Early in her career, she already realized that she can go beyond pushing paper. She began her company during a time when it was not easy for women to get support and recognition as leaders.

Through her persistence and passion, she slowly gained the respect of her peers. She developed a tough persona, having to go through so many hurdles on her own. It was a lonely road, but Anna Goodson did not falter. Mediocrity was not in her vocabulary; giving up was not an option.

Today, she represents many of the best illustrators and motion graphics artists around the world. By taking a chance on herself and believing her passion, she is able to do the same for her artists. She excels both at challenging and supporting them to reach their highest potential. By nurturing creativity and working as an extension of the artist, her 25-year-old agency is a roaring success.

In this interview, Anna Goodson talks about why mistakes and failures don’t matter. She shares how she picks illustrators for her company and what makes a good portfolio. Anna Goodson shares the ups and downs of her journey with humour and confidence that are truly inspiring.


You can connect with Anna Goodson through her company’s official website. You can also send her a direct message through She is also on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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