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What surprised you the most when you arrived in Australia?

  1. Quality of life
  2. Nature
  3. Diversity
  4. Security and safety

What Surprised You The Most When You Arrived in Australia

Australia is a country filled with positive surprises. The quality of life, abundance of nature, multiculturalism and security are the biggest surprises for Nicolas Duran when he moved to Australia.

Like no other country, Australia’s quality of life is truly first class. From public transportation to the health sector and the quality of education, everyone gets their fair share of the pie. These basic necessities are often taken for granted. However, when you move to Australia, you’ll realize just how different things are here.

The abundance of nature is another beautiful gift to Australian residents. There are reserves and beaches everywhere. One of the best things in any Australian city–especially this pandemic–is its numerous parks. Children and adults bask in the country’s beautiful outdoors.

Diversity and multiculturalism make Australia a welcoming place. Aussies are non-judgmental and love asking questions about your culture and background. They will make you feel right at home.

Finally, those living in Australia always feel safe and secure. Most of the people here live pretty fulfilling and balanced lives. Thus, crime rates are low, neighbourhoods are a place of comfort and everyone belongs in a united community.

I know it sounds like we’re setting such big expectations for those migrating to Australia. However, we are confident that this beautiful country can live up to this amazing image. See you soon!


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