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What are some mistakes jobseekers are making on cover letters?

  1. Thinking cover letters do not work
  2. Believing cover letters are rehashes of one’s resume

Mistakes Jobseekers Are Making on Cover Letters

Cover letters work, they are not rehashes of your resume. In this episode of TIPS, we get advice from Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner.

The first mistake jobseekers are making on their cover letters is thinking cover letters do not work. According to Kirsty Bonner, they absolutely do. Even cold cover letters–the ones you create for companies who don’t really have positions posted–work, as attested by one of Kirsty Bonner’s clients.

Not writing your cover letter is a huge mistake as well. Though some don’t require them, it’s a great additional document to add to your resume. If you are living in Australia and seeking a job at a reputable company, practice writing good cover letters for all the jobs you’re applying for.

Another mistake jobseekers are making on their cover letters is thinking it is a rehash of their resumes. According to Kirsty Bonner, cover letters show how your skills transfer and relate to the specific job requirements of what you’re applying for.

People also assume that people don’t read cover letters. Some may not, but those who do should be impressed by what you’ve written.

We hope you don’t fall for these mistakes that jobseekers are making on cover letters. Good luck!

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