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What things do students need to consider when immigrating to Australia?

  1. Think how your future looks like
  2. Costs of living
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Weather
  6. Compare what different cities offer
  7. Get advise from professionals.

Steps and things students need to consider when thinking of immigrating to Australia.

Location and passion are the two biggest things students need to consider when immigrating to Australia and becoming permanent residents. In this episode of TIPS, Shannon Semenikow of Education and Migration Services Australia offers great advice for students moving to Australia.

Students thinking about immigrating to Australia, and becoming permanent residents, should keep in mind that they are setting up their future. Therefore, finding an area of study that you are actually passionate about is a must. Doing so will add value to your future, both in Australia and overseas. After all, you are more likely to succeed in something you love to do. So, follow your passion.

A more pragmatic factor to consider for students who are thinking of immigrating to Australia is the location. Shannon believes that living and studying in one Australian city over another can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, career options and future plans. Get advice on where to study and consider all your options.

In the long run, these things can shape your future even beyond Australia. Start planning for your future today. These are just some steps and things students need to consider when thinking of immigrating to Australia


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