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What are some surprising things about Brisbane Australia?

  1. Parks, mountains and outdoor spaces
  2. Openness to diverse cultures
  3. Community thinking
  4. Australian accent
  5. Quality of life
  6. Second-hand sales

Surprising Things About Brisbane Australia

The beautiful open spaces, diversity, community vibe, accent, quality of life and second-hand sales are some surprising things about Brisbane, Australia. In today’s TIPS, Cesar Munoz shares about the wonderful things he encountered upon moving to Brisbane.

Like most Australian cities, Brisbane is made for an outdoors lifestyle. There are clean, open spaces all around. The suburbs of Brisbane also have a low-density population compared to other big cities. Brisbane is filled with museums, parks and other activities for everyone to enjoy.

Cesar Munoz was also impressed by the warm welcome he received in Brisbane. Another surprising thing about Brisbane is the people’s openness to other cultures. In schools, there are kids from all over the world. They learn about different cultures in class as well.

Brisbane also operates as a solid community. Many people volunteer for activities that kids and adults can enjoy. It is easy to make friends and connect with others here. However, compared to American English, Australian English can be pretty surprising. It takes some time to adjust your hearing and to be familiar with how certain words sound in the Land Down Under.

The quality of life in Brisbane is truly exceptional. People respect your time and the fact that you have a life outside of work. Even second-hand sales here are impressive! Cesar Munoz recalls being able to shop for quality items and get good deals in Brisbane. Cool, right?

We hope these surprising things about Brisbane encourage you to build a life in Australia. See you soon!


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