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How can I travel around Australia on a budget?

  1. Rent cars that need to be relocated
  2. Campervans rental relocations
  3. Rent budget accommodation with cooking facilities
  4. cook your own meals
  5. Use BBQ facilities available on most beaches and parks
  6. Stay at parks or campervan park

Tips to travel around Australia on a budget?

Travelling in Australia as a student on a budget is possible if you get off the beaten track, drive around, and cook your own meals. In this episode of TIPS, founder and CEO of Education and Migration Services Australia Shannon Semenikow shares practical ways to explore Australia within your means.

There are many surefire tricks to travelling in Australia that budget travellers will love. The first thing to consider is taking rental relocations and opting for camper vans. In a week or more, you can go from one Australian city to another in your own time. You have a home and vehicle in one while paying less through rental relocations.

If you wish to travel as a student in Australia on a budget, you can also go for an affordable rental, as long as it has cooking facilities. You can spend less when you shop for ingredients instead of eating out. Another great tip is to use the BBQ facilities found in most beaches and natural parks all around Australia.

Speaking of natural parks, some of the best camping experiences happen in these spots in Australia. Natural parks are often free and most are low cost. You can enjoy magical spots all to yourself and without paying a hefty sum, as compared to a hotel or B&B. These parks are both safe and convenient.

Australia is a great city for driving around. However, it is not the only way to see and enjoy the country. Budget backpack sailing trips can be found along the Great Barrier Reef. Go on an adventure and travel in Australia on a budget by foregoing reservations and finding deals on the spot. Get ready for epic experiences on a boat and on pristine reefs.

Follow these amazing tips from Shannon and get ready for an unexpectedly inexpensive and fun adventure in Australia!

Hope you find our tips to travel around Australia on a budget useful.


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