Tips For Staff, Researchers Or Academics That Are Being Transferred Overseas, Guie Hartney – 003

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What are some tips and advice for staff, researcher and academic when they are being transferred overseas?

  1. Sorting taxes in both countries
  2. Taking care of banking and payments
  3. Finding initial temporary housing
  4. Finding permanent accommodation
  5. Looking at details of the contract
  6. Decide what to do with your furniture

Tips For Staff, Researchers Or Academics That Are Being Transferred Overseas.

Going minimalist and sorting out their taxes are the top 2 things a staff member, researcher or academic need to know when they are being transferred overseas. In this episode of TIPS, Guie Hartney discusses why taxes and being practical are crucial to your successful transfer.

First of, you need to figure out which options work best for your from a tax perspective. Does directing income to your home company’s account benefit you more? Should you move all finances to an account in your new host country? The rules applying to your contract may also change based on which country handles them.

As for practical advice for staff, researcher or academic transferring overseas, don’t over-pack. Bring as little as you can when you move to Australia. There are plenty of secondhand shopping options in Australia that would cost cheaper and are more convenient. Add the simplicity of your daily commute to the accommodation you will rent in Australia. Find a place accessible to public transportation to keep your daily commute easy and cheap.

These are just a few things to keep on the top of your list as you transfer to Australia.

Hope you found these tips for staff, researchers or academics that are being transferred overseas useful.

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