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What do you wish you knew before going to study overseas?

  1. Being open to taking new opportunities
  2. Experiencing local foods
  3. Meeting new people and experiencing the local community
  4. getting a part-time job
  5. explore the country (get out of the main cities)
  6. Make local friends
  7. Join cultural and social clubs
  8. Have your paperwork in order (travel insurance, health insurance)
  9. Have an app that translates the local language


Things to consider before going to study overseas.

Proactively taking opportunities, experiencing the local community and getting a part-time job are a few things those who plan to study overseas should consider. In this episode of TIPS, Phillip Fredericks shares what he has learned from studying overseas.

No matter how long or short your stay, time will surely fly faster than you anticipate when you study abroad. Make the most of your time as a student in Australia by exploring the country. Making friends among the locals and joining clubs and societies are also sure fire ways to make your stay meaningful and memorable.

Another way to add value to your time in Australia is to get a part-time job. This allows you to meet more people outside your regular network. Expand your connections and experiences as much as you can!

Life as an international student will surely be made easier when you know how to make each moment count. Enjoy each day and take everything as it comes.

Hope you consider these before going to study overseas to ensure you have a good experience when studying overseas. Best of luck!


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