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What is the importance of asking questions?

  1. Asking questions leads to conversations.
  2. Conversations allow us to feel connected.
  3. Asking questions requires courage.

The Importance of Asking Questions

What is the importance of asking questions? In this episode of TIPS, The Business Scientist’s Lauren Kress shares three insights that will help us understand why we need this skill.  Whether you’re an international student in Australia or someone already working in the corporate world, there is a lot to gain from asking questions.

Asking questions leads to conversation. This is crucial to communication and has long been part of our oral traditions as humans. The importance of asking questions lies in the knowledge we gain when we engage someone in a dialogue. Getting to know another person is truly a marvellous thing.

It is these very conversations that allow us to feel connected to others. Another importance of asking questions is opening the opportunity to ride the same wavelength with another individual. You can further enhance this skill by practising active listening. It is also great to start asking broad questions and to see where those take you.

Finally, asking question requires courage. Many are afraid to ask because they don’t want to be intrusive. Others are just really shy. However, if there is an authentic curiosity in you, people will respond to that. If they don’t, what’s the worst that could happen? They will refuse to answer, then you can move on.

Asking questions is a skill that takes practice. The importance of asking questions is all about the conversations we gain and the courage we build each time we ask. Stay curious and be brave!

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