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What surprises English students the most when they arrive in Queensland, Australia?

  1. Vibrancy of the cities
  2. Green and full of colour
  3. Fantastic weather and climate
  4. Daily blue skies
  5. Mild winters
  6. Cities have great public transport
  7. Natural Beauty
  8. Some of the most beautiful beaches

Things that surprise English Students when they arrive in Queensland, Australia.

English students moving to Queensland will be happy to see the vibrancy of colours and the unique lifestyle experienced in this part of Australia. In this episode of TIPS, Phillip Fredericks talks about the things that surprise English students the most when they arrive in Queensland, Australia.

The first thing you notice is the climate. Phillip emphasizes how blue the sky is in Queensland compared to anywhere else in the world. Winters are also milder here. English students arriving in Queensland will also be happy to know that the area itself has different climate zones. The further north you go, the more tropical, sunny and colourful it gets.

Another thing that surprises English students when they arrive in Queensland, Australia allows a wonderful outdoors lifestyle. You can spend hours outside during all four seasons, exploring running tracks right by the river. The Gold Coast’s scenery is enough to make you get out and about all year round.

Each city in Queensland offers a unique lifestyle to fit your personality. Students arriving in Australia will definitely enjoy Queensland’s warmth and good vibes.


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