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What are some helpful decision-making strategies?

  1. Where do I want to get eventually?
  2. Can I rewind this easily or is it a nail on the wall?

Decision-making Strategies

Knowing where you want to arrive and seeing the lightness or heaviness of a choice are some decision-making strategies you can use. In this episode of TIPS, Fred Schebesta talks about his process for different decisions.

Every decision is just one of the choices out of an infinite number of ways to solve things. Fred Schebesta solves things quite unusually, but he tries to maintain a framework based on his desired destination. Major decisions such as moving to Australia need thorough planning. Creating your own framework would be helpful.

Another decision-making strategy is to ask yourself: “Can I rewind this easily or is it a nail on the wall?” Temporary and smaller decisions can be done more quickly. This allows us to learn faster, too. However, there are huge and permanent decisions that do take time. Just keep in mind that, eventually, you will have to make a call and be okay with it. Decisions take courage.

Those are just a few decision-making strategies we have learned from Fred Schebesta. Care to share yours? See you on the next episode for more insightful advice!


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