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What does a student need to consider when renting a house or apartment in Australia?

  1. Have all documents prepared
  2. Contact Real Estate Agent
  3. Proof that you can pay the weekly rent (in Australia it is not a monthly rent)
  4. Proof that you will take good care of the place
  5. ID and proof of identity
  6. Complete the application form as quickly as possible
  7. Reference letters.

Things to consider when students rent a house or apartment in Australia.

Be prepared with all the necessary documents and make your application stand out when you are looking for a place to rent in Australia. In this episode TIPS, Dan Alexander of LJ Hooker Real Estate shares his insights about renting in Australia.

Whether you’re a family or a student looking for a place to rent in Australia, preparation is key. With a competitive market for rentals in the country, you need all the proof you can get to convince the property owners that you are the best tenant they can find.

The first thing you need to prepare are your documents. Have copies of your IDs ready, as well as your complete rental history. This way, you can submit your application to rent a place in Australia as quickly as possible. Prepare any proof you have of your credibility when it comes to paying on time and taking care of property.

References also make your rental application stand out. Each recommendation counts. Consider asking your previous landlord, work superiors, former housemates or teachers to vouch for you through a written statement that includes their contact details.

Permanent rentals in Australia are huge investments for property owners. Proving that you are a great investment as a tenant, as well, can help you rent a place in Australia easier and faster.

These are some of the things you should consider as a student when renting a house or apartment in Australia.


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