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What are some tips on using LinkedIn to find a job?

  1. Make sure your profile photo is open to everybody.
  2. Have a professional photo.
  3. LinkedIn is an interactive space.
  4. Follow and bookmark recruiters.
  5. Keywords in the headline matter most.

Tips on Using LinkedIn to Find A Job

There are many tricks that you can take advantage of to use LinkedIn to find a job. In this episode of TIPS, Ira Bowman shares all the best tips that will help you get hired through LinkedIn.

It all begins with your profile photo. You can’t use LinkedIn to find a job if your photo is not open to everybody, both on and off the platform. Doing so will welcome assumptions of your incompetence or that you may be hiding something.

Speaking of photos, make sure the one you have is professional. It doesn’t need to be done in a studio or taken by a photographer. It can be a selfie. Just make sure you’re wearing professional attire, featuring the shoulders up, and you’re looking into the camera.

A common mistake LinkedIn jobseekers make is neglecting their interactions. It’s not enough to have a good profile. You need to engage in comments, create rapport and build relationships. This way, the people you engage with will want to help you. Sometimes it takes 15 interactions for someone to notice and approve your connection requests. Patience is a virtue. Take time to build those connections.

You can use LinkedIn to find a job by connecting to recruiters. However, don’t send those requests right away. Ira Bowman suggests that you follow them, then bookmark their profile onto your browser. Come back to those profiles several times a week, then go through and comment on their posts. Engagement matters more than your posts or profile. All the magic of LinkedIn happens in those comments.

Finally, you can use LinkedIn to find a job with the help of keywords. The most critical part of your profile is the headline. You need to place industry keywords all over your profile, but the header must include your job title. You can begin with the most specific characteristics. Think of the terms a recruiter will search for. If you’re living in Australia, you can even add your city onto your header for optimization. For your skillset and endorsement, make sure that everything there is applicable to your job. To better optimize your keywords, Ira Bowman suggests looking at job listings. Find three jobs that you really want to be hired for. The common words on those listings are what you should use as keywords.

These are just some actionable tips on using LinkedIn to find a job. Get your profile ready, engage, and have fun! Good luck!


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