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How can we become better at problem-solving?

  1. Understand the problem.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Zoom out.
  4. Get feedback.

Advice to Become Better at Problem-solving

There are many ways to become better at problem-solving. That is what we’re learning in today’s episode with Margriet Buseman. First, we need to better understand the problem. We do so by asking questions. Zooming out also helps. Finally, getting feedback can also help you solve your problems better.

Instead of running towards the problem, we must explore the situation first. This way, we can see the things that matter and solve the right problems. To become better at problem-solving, be it customer- or co-worker-related, is asking questions. Communicate with those involved in the problem.

You can also zoom out and empty your mind. Disengaging with the problem by taking a break can actually help solve it. Another way to clear your mind is by talking it out. Involve someone else and see things from their perspective. If you’re new to Australia, you can join many social groups that you can engage with and learn from.

These are just some ways we can become better at problem-solving. We hope you can use these tips whenever you feel stuck. Good luck!


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