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How do you find your purpose as a leader?

  1. Inspiring and challenging people
  2. The big vision
  3. Asking hard questions
  4. Refusing mediocrity
  5. Direct yet loving

Finding Your Purpose As A Leader

Want to know what qualities make you a better leader than a manager? In today’s TIPS, Fred Schebesta of talks about finding his purpose as a leader.

Fred Schebesta created his beautiful life in Australia through his business. He gained prosperity through the help of great people doing great work. He gives recognition to the people inside his company for what they have built and achieved. Through all this, he has realized that he has a whole new reason for being now.

Fred Schebesta finds his purpose as a leader. He is able to inspire and challenge people to do great things. That is one thing that sets a leader apart and makes one different from a manager. A leader is focused on inspiration and the big vision, not the day-to-day affairs and aspirations of the business. A leader asks the hard questions and refuses mediocrity. He does so in a direct yet loving way.

Do you think you can find your purpose as a leader? Let us know what you think!

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