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How do you make decisions when facing challenges or difficult situations? 

  1. Save the fear for later.
  2. Recognize the problem.
  3. Don’t panic.
  4. Focus on the solution.
  5. Rely on yourself first.

Facing Challenges, Fear and Making Decisions

Save the fear for later, recognise the problem, don’t panic, focus on the solution and rely on yourself first. These are the steps that a world champion freediver takes each time she faces fear. In today’s TIPS, Anna von Boetticher talks about how to make decisions during fearful moments.

The first thing to do to face a challenge, fear and make a decision is to save the fear for later. You are not required to be fearless, but you can push that feeling aside and focus.
(For example, moving to Australia can be a daunting decision that can come with various challenges. However, there are still many things you can focus on before zooming in on your fears.)

Next, you have to recognise that you have a problem. Without admitting it, you won’t be able to come up with a solution. So, don’t panic, and focus on the solution. If the brain is calm and fear doesn’t take over, you can come up with the next step, and the next, and the next.

Finally, you can face challenges, fears and making decisions when you rely on yourself first. Find it in yourself to believe that there is a way, that the solution is just there in your mind.

This sense of clarity during fearful moments comes with practice. So, the more we are able to embrace fear, the more we can overcome it.

We hope Anna von Boetticher’s tips to facing challenges, fear and making decisions have helped you. Be brave!

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