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What are some common mistakes people make using LinkedIn?

  1. Not engaging with others
  2. Trolling
  3. Lacking professionalism

Common Mistakes People Make Using LinkedIn

Not engaging with others, trolling and lacking professionalism are some common mistakes people make using LinkedIn. In this episode of TIPS, Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner shares what she sees as the top mistakes for LinkedIn users.

The first common mistake people make using LinkedIn is not engaging with others. If you want to be seen, keep in mind that people are not just going to land on your profile. LinkedIn’s algorithm works in a way that it rewards activity. Engage with others through comments and likes. Interact with up to 4 or 5 posts every single day. Do it consistently and your profile views will rise in just 72 hours, Kirsty Bonner guarantees.

Another great error job seekers make on LinkedIn is trolling. Do not comment negatively on posts. If you do, do so in a way that is respectful. Turn your disagreement into a meaningful conversation. Never use foul language. In short, just be kind and smart in all your interactions. Employers and employees living in Australia are typically amiable. You can definitely take a leaf from their books!

The last common mistake people make using LinkedIn is lacking professionalism. This applies not only on your LinkedIn profile but all social media channels, as well. Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile is your business card. Your resume isn’t the top priority anymore. Also, your social media profiles can easily be checked by future employees. There are ways to share about your life without scaring off potential bosses.

We are eternally grateful to Kirsty Bonner for these wonderful tips on common mistakes people make using LinkedIn. We hope you found some nuggets of wisdom here!


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