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How do we learn from others?

  1. Have a large “revolving door” of people for different things.
  2. Surround yourself and create a community of smart and insightful people.

Learning from Others

Jason Feifer never had an actual mentor. What he has is a “revolving door” of individual people for various things. He has succeeded in surrounding himself with all the help he needs. In today’s TIPS, Executive Editor for Entrepreneur Magazine Jason Feifer shares how he learns from others.

A large “revolving door” of people means having micro-mentors for various topics and needs. Jason Feifer has surrounded himself with people who give him advice and who receive his help, too. Having a community that is supported and invested in his growth is how he learns from others.

Trading and sharing tips are the advantages of having such a network. Without an actual mentor, the exchange of information is freer. This is also a more realistic setup for learning from others, says Jason Feifer. Those living in Australia are sure to find plenty of entrepreneurs and innovators to learn from.

We hope that this technique for learning from others works for you, too. Never stop learning!


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