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What are the common mistakes when organising an overseas study group program?

  1. Overscheduling
  2. Moving too much
  3. Lacking group dynamics

Common Mistakes When Organising An Overseas Study Group Program

In Martha Johnson’s 25 years of education, she has truly observed and absorbed a lot. According to her, overscheduling, moving too much and lacking group dynamics are some common mistakes when organising an overseas study group program.

As an organiser, you can easily make the mistake of overscheduling. This mistake often happens with the best intentions and occurs due to excitement. Some educators assign too many reading materials and activities. This fails to honour the fact that students need to adjust and want to explore. Students have a limited time to do so, that’s why it’s important to make the necessary cuts to the syllabus.

The next common mistake when organising an overseas group program is moving too much. A typical study program lasts around 3 weeks, with participants of around 15 to 20 students per group. All of them want to get to know the place in those few weeks. So, it’s important to have a base. Get to know that neighbourhood, especially by visiting the local stores. Learn how to buy groceries and let students prepare their own meals. International student groups in Australia long to feel like they actually live in the city instead of being tourists. They take pride in themselves when they feel like locals, even for that short while.

Another great way to avoid common mistakes when organising an overseas study group is establishing group dynamics early on. General rules include not being late, engaging in lectures and asking questions, and so on. Students should then contribute to creating other rules on how to travel and live together. Engage the group respectfully and motivate them to look out for each other.

We hope learning about these mistakes helps you understand how to organise an overseas study group. Thanks for taking the time to learn with us!


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