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What are some advice for new entrepreneurs?

  1. Enjoy the journey.
  2. Gather more information.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Enjoy the journey and gather more information. These are the two pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs from Chester Elton, a Top 5 Business Coach in the World. In today’s TIPS, Chester Elton looks back on his decision to exit the corporate world and enter entrepreneurship.

For one thing, Chester Elton wishes that he enjoyed the journey more. Many times, we focus too much on where we need to go and miss the small steps and moments that lead us there. Savour the transition as you explore your career path while living in Australia.

More importantly, some good advice for new entrepreneurs is to gather more information. According to Chester Elton, you cannot over-plan your exit. Before deciding to become a full-time entrepreneur, do your research. Talk to people about how to best set up your company. Find individuals who you can sit down with and pick their brains. Take time to figure things out and have all the information you need.

We hope Chester Elton’s advice for new entrepreneurs will make you think. See you in the next episode for more great business and life tips!


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