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How do we survive long flights with kids?

  1. Bring something that makes your children feel comfortable.
  2. Keep your kids entertained.
  3. Make special requests when booking your seats.
  4. Find your favourite snacks.

Tips on How to Survive Long Flights with Kids

Bringing a special toy, entertainment and snacks, and booking good seats can help you survive long flights with kids. In today’s TIPS, Juan Camilo Reyes shares his experiences and advice for parents who are visiting as tourists or moving their families to Australia.

Any long-distance travel is taxing for anyone, especially kids. Parents need to be mindful of how this is both an exciting and overwhelming experience for their children.

Choose and bring something that makes your children comfortable. Juan Camilo Reyes allowed his 2 kids to choose a toy they would like to bring with them on their seats as they fly. This is a good technique to add some familiarity to the strangeness of air travel.

The next thing to do to survive long flights with kids is to keep them entertained. Bring along the iPad or any portable device that holds your kids’ games and shows. Bring extra batteries or a power bank. It would be far more devastating for a kid with an iPad if his gadget empties out in the middle of playing than to not have it at all. That being said, be careful not to let the kids indulge too much or they’ll get burnt out. Finally, always choose and download age-appropriate material.

Making special requests when booking your seats can make a world of difference to your flight experience. It will give you more peace of mind when you know you are in an area that disturbs as few people as possible. We suggest booking the first row so the people behind will experience the least amount of chaos from your kids.

Finally, you can survive long flights with kids with some good old snacks. Children love to eat 24/7, so buying their favourites to help you get through hours of air travel will do wonders for the entire family’s happiness.

Those are some of the ways to survive long flights with kids. Stock up on patience and understanding as you travel to Australia with your family. Have fun!

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