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How do I organise a customised study abroad group?

  1. Consider your added value.
  2. Offer local perspectives proactively.
  3. Tell people why Australia.

How to Organise A Customised Study Abroad Group

Consider your added value. Offer local perspectives proactively. Tell people why Australia. These are some things to keep in mind when organising a customised study abroad group. In today’s TIPS, Martha Johnson shares some sound advice on international study groups in Australia.

Keep in mind that instructors and groups are looking for added value. Gone are the days when all they cared about are the cost, the availability of beds and classroom space, and so on. Organizations should consider what will make their site and their city interesting. Emphasize those and deliver what you promise.

Another great tip to organise a customized study abroad group is to consider the local flavour. International students are always looking for ways to connect with their local peers. There must be activities to integrate the local culture with the study experience. Lecturers and speakers can engage students by proactively offering local perspectives. Try planning campus tours conducted by local students. A simple barbecue also allows them to mingle and learn outside the classroom walls.

Finally, you can organise a customised study abroad group by telling people why Australia. Emphasise why the country and your city is an exciting place to host the class. Students want to connect the place of study with the curriculum. Also, cultural activities need to be handled creatively. After all, great learning moments aren’t always driven by academics. By highlighting the best experiences in Australia, lessons can organically grow and relate to the subject at hand.

A good study abroad experience can be achieved by following these tips. Keep an open mind and show Australia lots of love!


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