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How can we use hashtags on LinkedIn to maximize exposure?

  1. LinkedIn hashtags only work within your second and third level connections.
  2. LinkedIn hashtags are most effective for original content.
  3. The first 3 hashtags on your LinkedIn post and articles are crucial.
  4. Use hashtags on LinkedIn comments for branding.

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Maximize Exposure

It is important to remember that hashtags work differently on LinkedIn. So, how do we use hashtags on LinkedIn to maximize exposure? In today’s TIPS, Ira Bowman explains the unspoken rules of using hashtags on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social networking channels, hashtags have a limited reach in LinkedIn. Hashtags are only shown to people you’re connected with on the second or third level. This is why it’s important to connect with people you don’t know. Doing so increases exposure for the intake and the outtake of the hashtag. If you are an immigrant in Australia, it is all the more important for you to extend your network in your city and industry.

Also, you can use hashtags on LinkedIn to maximize exposure through original content. Hashtags in LinkedIn are best used for posts, articles and conducting searches. If you place them on the comments, they will not show up in any search results.

When incorporating hashtags in your posts, be mindful of the first 3 hashtags you use. These are the ones that get embedded on the original weblink. This makes your article or post searchable both on and off LinkedIn.

Wondering when and how to use hashtags on LinkedIn to maximize exposure in the comments section? Micro-hashtagging is done for branding. Creating an original hashtag and using it frequently in the comments increases its visibility. Doing so promotes awareness for the hashtag and the idea you are developing.

Have you always known these things about hashtags on LinkedIn? These are just a few helpful ways to use hashtags on LinkedIn to maximize exposure. We hope these tips help! Best of luck!

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