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What is the best way to build a following on LinkedIn?

  1. Plan ahead and strategize.
  2. Create relationships and build your network.

The Best Way to Build A Following on LinkedIn

Sharing quality content is the best way to build a following on LinkedIn. This involves being informative, inspiring and beneficial to others. You also need to choose value over entertainment. In this episode of TIPS, Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner shares what she does to expand her reach on LinkedIn.

It basically comes down to the quality of the content you post. Likes are cheap and are often given only be your first and second connections. If you are a new immigrant to Australia, you need to develop your network beyond this.

To go deeper into a network, ask yourself this: Is it seen as valuable or as entertaining? Be informative, inspirational and beneficial to others.

Only then will people share your posts with their network. The best thing to do is to add value to each post and to share your own tips that others can engage with and learn from.

We hope Kirsty Bonner’s top-shelf advice helps you optimize your LinkedIn posts. Good luck!


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