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What should you take into account when finding student accommodation in Australia?

  1. Make sure the place culture fits your personality
  2. Budget
  3. Location
  4. What type of room do you want? Do you want campus housing? Shared apartment? Private rental? Campus Accommodation?
  5. Check the different suburbs of your new city
  6. Location compared to public transport options
  7. Are utilities included in the price?
  8. Is all the furniture included in the price?

Things to consider when looking for student accommodation in Australia.

Your personality, your budget, and your location are the Top 3 things students need to take into account when finding student accommodation in Australia. In this episode of TIPS, Sally Picot and Steve Diack of SCAPE share why these things should make it to the list of your priorities.

When choosing a room, your personality matters most. Steve asks, “What kind of experience do you wish to have?” Do you want to live on your own or are you a more social type of renter? Consider whether you want to be near campus, or is living around cafes and cultural spots more your thing?

This is where another factor you need to take into account when finding accommodation in Australia comes in. What is your location? Sally suggests going around suburbs to identify which suburb resonates well with you. You should also consider your place’s accessibility to public transportation. Is renting in the city centre more expensive or does the cost of your daily commute actually cost more?

All things considered, your budget heavily dictates which accommodation you rent in Australia. When choosing a room, find a rental that offers clear information. Factor in all the bits and pieces from electricity and gas to wifi, laundry and so on. There are also different types of properties and all sorts of rooms for every budget.

One final point is to understand what the differences in types of student accommodation there is: For example comparing purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), Shared apartment, Private rental, on-Campus Accommodation?

These are some of the things you should consider when looking for student accommodation in Australia. Choose your room wisely so you can enjoy your stay in your new city!


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