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How do I handle a time gap in my resume?

  1. Never lie in your resume.
  2. Do not explain the gap.
  3. Employers know what the employment market is like.
  4. Let them ask you about the gap.
  5. Highlight your transferable skills.

How to Handle A Time Gap in Your Resume

Have a gap in your resume? No need to stress about it! Let Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner help you. In today’s TIPS, she talks about how to handle a time gap in your resume.

First of all, you must never lie in your resume. Be honest and transparent about your skills and work experience. That being said, you don’t need to be too honest.

Do not explain the gap. This will only highlight this factor. It may even cast you in a negative light. No need to be defensive. Being honest about the gap but not explaining it helps you avoid being discriminated against.

We are also certain that employers know what the employment market is like. Jobs are hard to find for one reason or another. Also, Kirsty Bonner emphasizes that companies know how life doesn’t happen in a straight continuum. Those living in Australia will be glad to know that work-life balance is prioritized here. Employers do not expect people to live their lives around their jobs.

Another way to handle a time gap in your resume is to just let it be. Let employers work out the gap on their own. Allow them to ask you in the interview. Keep your answer honest but professional. Again, no need to overshare.

What you can highlight instead are your transferable skills. These are the qualities you never lose, no matter how much time passes. Emphasize them in your resume, gap or no gap.

We hope we have helped you on how to handle a time gap in your resume. Keep doing your best and good luck!


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