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What are some tips to overcome shyness during a job interview?

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Go easy on the caffeine.
  3. Visualize calm.
  4. Treat the meeting as a conversation.

Tips to Overcome Shyness During A Job Interview

Preparing, going easy on the caffeine, visualizing calm and treating the meeting as a conversation are great ways to overcome shyness during a job interview. In this episode of TIPS, world-renowned career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner shares some actionable tips to ease interview jitters.

The first and most important tip to keep in mind is to be prepared. Anxiety is fear of the unknown. Therefore, you can eliminate this fear by being ready for what may come. Based on what most people fundamentally know will be asked during an interview, it should be easy enough to prepare some answers. This way, you will also feel more competent and confident during the interview.

Another great way to overcome shyness during an interview is to drink little to no caffeine. Coffee makes us more jittery. It can also make you talk faster and appear generally odd to an interviewer or panel. When you want to work in Australia, you need to confidently and calmly get through your job application.

Speaking of calm, many successful people also rely on visualization techniques. Before your interview, Kristy Bonner suggests that you close your eyes and picture yourself being calm. Stay relaxed with some deep breathing as well.

Finally, another useful trick that many don’t consider when it comes to overcoming shyness during a job interview is their perspective. Treat the interview as a 2-way conversation. Kirsty Bonner motivates us by reminding us that the companies we apply in are as much a candidate to us as we are to them. If the interview feels like an interrogation, it’s not a great place for you.

There you have it. We hope Kirsty Bonner’s expert advice on how to overcome shyness during a job interview helps you out on your next one. Good luck!

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