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What are some mistakes jobseekers make in their interviews?

  1. Jobseekers do not prepare for their interviews.
  2. Jobseekers do not understand their “why.”

Mistakes Jobseekers Are Making in Their Interviews, Kirsty Bonner.

Not preparing for interviews and not understanding their “why” are some mistakes jobseekers are making in their interviews. In today’s TIPS, Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner talks about the two blunders interviewees most often make.

The first mistake jobseekers make in their interviews is not preparing. This is the foundation of a good interview. Don’t assume you can just wing it. Big companies, especially, hire based on competency-based questions. Your transferrable skills will be called into question. You can only meet their demands if you know yourself enough.

Some jobseekers also make the mistake of not understanding their “why.” Having little knowledge regarding the company and position you are applying for is questionable. You can’t turn up at interviews without knowing why you are there. If you have no real purpose other than to get a job, interviewers will see through that. They will most probably turn you down.

There is too much competition out there. Invest your time on your interview and you will be rewarded. Set yourself out from the crowd by being 100% prepared. Living in Australia is not enough: you need a satisfying career, as well.

Avoiding these mistakes jobseekers are making in their interviews can improve your chances in landing your dream job!  Good luck!

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