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Whate are some advice for the socially anxious?

  1. Taking of your gut through what you eat
  2. Meditating to create healthier connections in the brain

Advice for the Socially Anxious

By taking care of our gut and meditating, we may be able to overcome social anxiety. In this episode of TIPS, Mark Metry (“Screw Being Shy”) tells us what he did to improve his mental health.

Mark Metry immediately acknowledges that excessive self-imaging during social interactions is a complex problem. The science behind social anxiety, however, can be a source of enlightenment. So, while it is important to remember that each person’s “cure” varies, there are some universal solutions that everyone can benefit from.

The first is taking care of your gut. Many scientists have found that more serotonin (“the happy hormone”) actually dwells in the gut than in the brain. So, by fixing the gut, we might directly help our happiness levels. There is no universal healthy diet.  However, the best we can do is to stop eating like crap and start choosing whole foods. When you begin your health journey by fixing what you eat, you can begin to change the way you think. For the socially anxious, having a healthy diet “can “turn on” your brain and allow you to access the energy you never used to before.

Another good piece of advice for the socially anxious is meditation. By removing ourselves from our physical environment to focus on our consciousness, we improve brain function. We are able to install new and more powerful connections that counteract the false narratives we have acquired in life. Meditation releases us from what we pick up from the external and allows us to tap into deeper truths. These truths can only be accessed by shutting off the external and going within. According to Mark Metry, researchers have found that meditation is equally and can be even more effective than medications and therapy. 

We hope this advice for the socially anxious will help you look into your mental health and improve your state of mind. Good luck!


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