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How can I have a sabbatical at home?

  1. Have a sabbatical mindset.
  2. Change your routine.
  3. Think creatively about what you can do.
  4. Think creatively about your location.

How to Have A Sabbatical at Home

During this pandemic, how can we have a meaningful sabbatical at home? In today’s TIPS, Beyond A Break’s Lyndall Farley shares some advice on how to enjoy a thoughtful pause from work without travelling.

To begin an intentional break, you need to have a sabbatical mindset. Take this time to put conscious change into your life. Keep in mind that sabbaticals are not all about travel. You can recharge and refocus while staying in your area.

The first thing to do is to change your routine. Bring yourself out of the comatose of your normal habits. Insert conscious change and be intentional with how you spend your time.

You can have a purposeful sabbatical at home by thinking creatively. First, focus on what you can do. You can take up a creative project like painting or knitting. You can also recharge your mind by learning from an online course. Connections are the most important anchor during this challenging era. Spend time with your kids or an elderly relative. Create a beautiful connection with people who matter to you. You can also volunteer and contribute to the community, even virtually.

Another great way to have a sabbatical at home is to find creative ways to expand your location. If the circumstances are feasible, you can initiate a house swap with a friend. Change up your environment by living in a new house. You can also be a tourist in your own home. Explore your backyard or rearrange your furniture. Escaping to the wilderness can also turn into a sabbatical. Residents of Australia can enjoy wide natural spaces that offer peace and relaxation. You don’t need to leave the country or even your city to recharge, refocus and reboot.

There are so many ways to have a fruitful sabbatical at home! It all depends on your mindset and your creativity. Stay open and stay positive!


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