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What are some mistakes job seekers make when applying for new jobs?

  1. Not having an ATS-compliant resume
  2. Not knowing and projecting transferable skills onto your resume
  3. Limiting the scope of application based on location

Mistakes Jobseekers Make When Applying for New Jobs

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS), one’s transferable skills and the scope of one’s location can add to the mistakes jobseekers make when applying for new jobs. In this episode of TIPS, Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner shares some great advice for jobseekers.

The first mistake jobseekers make when applying for new jobs is ignoring the rules of the Applicant Tracking System. This special logarithm is used by companies all over the world to screen their applicants. This system also applies to people living in Australia. Each resume now goes through the program first before any human being. The system is not great, but you can beat it. If you’re not getting callbacks, it may have nothing to do with your skills. You just need to fix your resume to be ATS-compliant.

Another factor to consider is your transferable skills. Many jobseekers neglect to learn about and enhance their transferable skills. These are the abilities that go with you everywhere, no matter the industry or sector. These skills include empathy, leadership, management, and so on. You need to consider other sectors in need of those skills and project those in your resume. Get out of the box you’ve been in and explore your options based on your transferable skills.

Finally, many people trying to find work in Australia often get discouraged by location. In this day and age, working from home has become “the new normal.” Therefore, just take as many interviews as you can (with jobs that you like, of course) and pass them. Get an offer, then start talking about location. You’ll be surprised at the privileges you can receive when a company is really impressed by what you have to offer.

Kirsty Bonner believes that job search is a game: the only way to win is to actually play. The belief that nobody is hiring is a myth. No matter your situation, there is a way to get around it and to get hired.

These are just a few but very common mistakes jobseekers make when applying for new jobs. We hope these actionable tips and Kirsty Bonner’s mindset rub off on you as you get ready to find a new job. Best of luck!

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