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What are the things every international student should know about Australia?

  1. Act of parliament
  2. Opportunity for work
  3. Quality education combined with life-changing experiences

Things Every International Student Should Know about Australia

There is an act of parliament in Australia for international students. There are also work opportunities even before graduating. The quality of education combined with life-changing experiences sums up Australia’s beauty. In today’s TIPS, David Harrison talks about the things every international student should know about Australia.

Not everyone may know this, but there is actually an act of parliament protecting international students. There are regulations in place for whenever things go wrong with your university. The Australian education system is also all about honesty and transparency of information. The setup for international students in Australia is highly regulated. You can relax and let the system handle any and all predicaments.

Unlike many other countries, work opportunities are readily available for international students in Australia. Aside from generous labour rights, Australia also has a good minimum wage. Working at a restaurant or ar can help with your living expenses. Aside from that, you also have opportunities to interact with wonderful people from different backgrounds. You can earn money, meet people and practice your English in these jobs. You also gain customer service experience and practical skills. This can build up your resume and qualifications. It’s definitely a win!

Another thing every international student should know about Australia is the totality of the Australian experience. You can get quality education while enjoying many life-changing and unique moments! Explore the beauty of Australia’s sites like the Great Barrier Reef, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more. The scenery and clean air in Australia are enough to help you fall in love with this place.

These are the top things international students should know about Australia. We hope we gave you enough reasons to build a life here. Stay safe and see you soon!


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