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What did you miss the most about Australia?

  1. Friends and connections made
  2. Unique, high quality lifestyle
  3. Proximity of nature to the cities

What Did You Miss The Most about Australia

There are many amazing things about Australia to miss once you leave. For Priscila Trevisan, it is her friends, her lifestyle and nature that she missed the most. In today’s TIPS, we talk about the precious things we miss the most about Australia.

When you are living in Australia, make sure to gain friends from various nationalities, especially the Aussies themselves. You’ll love the time you learn about different cultures. As soon as you leave, you will surely miss the multiculturalism in Australia. The friends you make and the memories you create will surely be unique.

Speaking of unique, another thing to miss the most about Australia is its one-of-a-kind lifestyle. The quality of life in Australia is extremely good. Residents, tourists and international students in Australia are spoiled. They enjoy a relaxed lifestyle where they can walk everywhere and feel safe.

The proximity of nature to the cities is something to miss the most about Australia, too. Even if you love in urban cities like Sydney or Melbourne, you are still a few minutes away from nature. There are national parks everywhere for you to hike, bike, run or walk on. The spacious, low-density cities are also an amazing gift despite this pandemic. It allows for plenty of personal space among residents. You can also drive around and see nothing but untouched nature for hours on end.The unspoiled beaches in Australia are definitely world-class.

These are just some of the things Priscila Trevisan misses about Australia. We hope you get to experience them for yourselves soon!

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