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What are the first things to do once you arrive in Australia?

  1. Prepare a solid plan and execute it.
  2. Get started on the basics.
  3. Find a place fast.

First Things to Do Once You Arrive in Australia

Executing your plan, getting started on the basics and finding a place fast are some of the first things to do once you arrive in Australia. In this episode of TIPS, Cesar Munoz shares what he did when he migrated to the Land Down Under.

Before arriving in Australia, it is always necessary to plan. Migration is a huge change and things will be very different from where you came from. Get a feel of where you’re going to live. More importantly, network with groups in your city. Choose the ones that highlight your interests or your place of origin. You can always find a guide from your own culture and background within these groups. You can contact them after arriving in Australia. Just get all the help you can.

Then, make sure to get started on the basics. One of the first things to do once you arrive in Australia is to get the practical stuff set up. Your driver’s license, your healthcare provider–all the necessary documents and subscriptions.

Finally, find a place fast. You may choose to do as Cesar Munoz did and get an AirBnB for a month before settling in your own place. This provides you with a space to relax as you find a permanent residence. What Cesar Munoz did is to interview for residences ASAP. Since he is a newcomer with not much background information, he offered advanced payments of 3 to 6 months to the owners.

Sort out these things to do once you arrive in Australia for a peaceful transition. Good luck!


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