How to Practice Deep Meaningful Kindness, Houston Kraft

Episode 139
Houston Kraft is purposeful in his mission on redefining kindness. His generosity of spirit is amplified by his discipline, his attention and his boundaries. As a leader, discomfort and resilience are part of the work, but they are also what creates the joy.

Today’s guest is a kindness advocate, speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of a book called “Deep Kindness” where he inspects how we define the word in our minds and in our daily lives. His work has contributed to various organizations and communities, and his company Character Strong continues to flourish. Meet Houston Kraft.

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How do we practice kindness that is deep, consistent and meaningful? Kindness advocate Houston Kraft talks about why this is important and how we can make this change in our lives.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Houston Kraft:

  • 1:47 – What is kindness?
  • 6:53 – Asking and listening
  • 12:57 – Creating habits
  • 17:41 – Generosity
  • 20:03 – Boundaries and balance
  • 24:31 – Leadership
  • 27:23 – Creativity and problem-solving
  • 32:42 – Working with others
  • 35:10 – Challenges and resilience
Houston Kraft is a thought leader whose work digs deep into how our capacity for meaningful kindness can change the way we live. He believes in putting in the work to meet other peoples’ needs authentically, specifically and meaningfully.

Kindness is not an act but a habit. Like all habits, it requires skills that develop over time with discipline and dedication. This is what Houston Kraft means when he talks about deep kindness. To him, it is all about meeting people’s needs by offering our time, our energy, and even our comfort.

To be purposefully kind, we need to unpack what others really need. This involves leaving our presumptions based on our own needs out the door. It also involves being there, showing you care not just in the moments of most immediate need. It is also about actually putting in the time to tell, teach and train yourself on how to be kind.

For Houston Kraft, kindness is also less about what you want to do but more about who you want to be. So, self-reflection and keeping yourself in alignment. Houston Kraft has immersed himself in kindness and is asking us to work towards being more generous with our time, our spirit in our heart. In tapping into this abundance and doing meaningful work, we have so much to gain.

In this interview, Houston Kraft talks about his company’s values and how he uses kindness to promote creativity. He also talks about how to create habits centred on kindness and why boundaries are crucial to being kind.


You can connect with Houston Kraft and his work with the education sector through the Character Strong website. He is also available on social channels such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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