Podcast Production – Producing Your Podcast Episodes

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We help you produce all your episodes and the collateral that comes with it.
You can focus on creating new content and new recordings for your podcast.

Podcast production is where professionals and rookies are separated.

There are several types of podcasters:

  1. Professional audio engineers that produce their own episodes.
  2. Self-taught podcasters that are able to produce their own episodes (we can help IF it becomes too much work).
  3. Podcasters that want to start a podcast but either don’t know how to produce the episodes or don’t have time to do so (we can help them as well).

We have the capability to completely edit and produce your episodes. We take care of

  1. Technical issues related to the audio files like compression, equalisation, noise reduction, and audio levels, among other baffling terms, and also to ensure the end quality of each episode is of the highest possible quality.
  2. We can also write the copy for the summary of each episode.
  3. We will also be able to deliver all the assets needed to promote and market your episode (video teasers, graphics, break up each episode into micro-episodes, etc).


Podcast Production – Producing your podcast episodes

We know how challenging producing a podcast can be. All the pieces need to come together in a cohesive way to make the podcast engaging.

This service helps organisations or individuals that:

  1. Want to just focus on their content and recording their show, and want to get them released in the easiest, quickest, way possible. They are new to podcasting and don’t have any interest in the technical side of things.
  2. Have released several episodes, are aware that producing each episode is very time consuming and want to cut their time to focus on what really matters to them.
  3. Have released episodes with mistakes as they don’t have enough time to edit things appropriately. You need help cleaning the audio file, deleting minimal mistakes (Eg. long pauses, ehhh, mmm, tsss etc). You need help taking the recordings to the next stage before the files are released.

Our podcast production services are designed to meet all of your post-recording production audio needs.
In this way, you can focus on creating new content for your next episodes and all the logistics this involves.

We edit, balance, insert all sections and finalise each podcast episode you upload.
You will get an episode ready to be heard by all your customers.

Podcast production. 

There are a few key aspects when recording your podcast. We can advise you on issues like these among many others:

  1. Why is it better to schedule several episodes on the same day as opposed to one show every few days? or
  2. How to approach your new guests, how to pitch your idea and explain your podcast show, and the steps to have a strong system that you can replicate for every episode.
  3. We can advice you on what software to use for audio editing, creating video teasers, etc. OR best way to delegate people like us to make sure your episodes end up sounding the best possible way.
Podcast post-production 

After each episode is recorded you will be able to upload it to Google Docs (if you want us to take care of the production of your episodes). We will use the agreed intros, ads, outros (which will need to be ready – we can explain how these are done as well), artwork and file tagging.

Within a few days, you will have your audio file ready to use.

If you choose to, we can also help with:

  1. Writing the episode summary (for your blog and website). Length can be agreed later on but an average blog post has around 400-500 words.
  2. 5-minute video teaser (for your YouTube channel and social media channels),
  3. Artwork including episode cover of banners for social media and your blog
  4. Creating short audio highlights (to have mini-episodes on specific topics that later on can be put together to create long format files on these targeted topics).


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