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What are the best practices to successfully implement change?

  1. Be clear about the reason, goal and strategy of the change.
  2. Try in little steps and start with small changes.
  3. Not all change is permanent.

Best Practices to Successfully Implement Change

Successfully implementing change often comes with a lot of challenges. People’s reluctance and resistance to change is only natural. Change is indeed scary. In today’s TIPS, Sophie den Hartog shares some advice on the best practices to successfully implement change.

If you are in charge of implementing change, make sure to be clear about it. State the reason, the goal and the strategy for whatever you wish to change. While there is no formula on the strategy, letting people know and understand helps a lot. This will allow them to manage their expectations. Being aware of the beast makes change easier to digest and accept.

Also, do not implement change in one go. Try in little steps and start with small changes. You can incorporate what you wish to add or remove by doing it in small amounts. Show them the good side of change by giving it in small bites. Motivate others by easing them into the change. This is better than pulling the rug from under them. Those working and living in Australia are also adjusting to the changes in the world, little by little. Let your people experience change little by little until the whole picture reveals itself.

Finally, you can successfully implement change by keeping in mind that not all change is permanent. Be open and flexible to going back, adding or subtracting to your strategy. Adjust as you go along. Understand that many people may assume the worst. However, if you trust your gut, you can uplift others with your flexibility and openness. Don’t force the change and allow it to flow whichever way it should.

These are just a few steps to successfully implement change. We hope you and your team remain adaptable and open throughout this process. Good luck!

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