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What are the top qualities and traits of good leaders?

  1. Good leaders see their people.
  2. Good leaders encourage others to grow.
  3. Good people reflect on their skills.

Top Qualities and Traits of Good Leaders

There are many things that make a good leader. For Fresh Habits’ Sophie den Hartog, there are several things that stand out. Good leaders see their people, encourage them to grow, and reflect on their own skills. In today’s TIPS, Sophie den Hartog talks about the top qualities and traits of good leaders.

Good leaders see their people. This means giving employees attention. It can be through the form of a compliment or constructive feedback. Taking the time to speak to your people over coffee, over even on the phone, makes a huge difference. Good leaders acknowledge others and listen to them. Communication is key. It takes some time to break through the awkwardness, but it will be worth it.

Another top quality and trait of good leaders is encouraging people to grow. If you are a good leader, you do not feel threatened by your employees. You want to hone them and allow them to surpass your achievements. There are many work opportunities for those immigrating to Australia that will give room for growth.

A good leader also reflects on their skills. Introspection is an effective tool for leaders to grow. At least once a year, leaders must check on their skills and achievements, even their mistakes. This is how they grow. Creating space in one’s calendar at least once a year can do wonders.

Those are just a few top qualities and traits of good leaders. Enhancing these can upgrade a company’s culture and create a leader that people love and respect. Thanks for reading!


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