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What are some tips when planning a sabbatical?

  1. Have a large “revolving door” of people for different things.
  2. Surround yourself and create a community of smart and insightful people.

Tips When Planning A Sabbatical

A sabbatical is a thoughtful pause from work. In today’s TIPS,  Sabbatical Consultant and Coach Lyndall Farley gives some great advice on how to plan your extended break.

The first tip when planning a sabbatical is to determine the purpose. What do you need to get out of this pause? There are many reasons to go on a sabbatical. Some wish to recharge to prevent themselves from burning out. Others need to refocus in preparation for a career change or to figure out what to do next. Others are longing to achieve a big dream that can only be done in the months allotted for a sabbatical. Most people just need a reboot and seek out their passion and purpose by resetting their minds and hearts. Find out why you need a sabbatical and start from there.

Once you have your purpose, come up with the rough plan. When planning a sabbatical, don’t focus on the specifics until you are actually on pause. Firstly, focus on giving yourself the permission to take a break. Then, figure out what activities will give you the recharge, refocus or reboot you need. Allow yourself some time to let peace sink in before diving into the details.

Worried about the cost? Learn how to balance the activity, duration and location of your sabbatical. How long do you plan to take a break? Is it 3 months or 6 months? What will you be doing and where?  Are you living in Australia and planning to take a break abroad? Remember that the cost for a vacation won’t be the same as taking a sabbatical.

A meaningful break from work can be life-saving for many people. We hope these simple tips when planning a sabbatical encourage you to take that pause.


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