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What are the things that surprised you about Australia?

  1. The city’s buzz
  2. Mindblowing landmass
  3. Identity and engagement

Things That Surprised You about Australia

Everyone has an idea of what Australia is like based on what we know from movies and TV. However, seeing it on the screen and actually being there will feel incredibly different. In today’s TIPS, University of Minnesota’s Martha Johnson talks about the things that surprised her about Australia.

While we all know about Australia’s biodiversity and gorgeous beaches, Australian cities aren’t always highlighted by mainstream media. Landing on a plane and actually living in Australia is the best and only authentic way to feel Australia’s vibe. The cities are buzzing with excitement. The art scene in Australian cities is also pretty incredible.

Another thing that surprised Martha Johnson about Australia is the country’s mindblowing landmass. You may have a picture in your head about the vastness of Australian beaches, but it is nothing compared to seeing it as your plane flies over the coasts. Australia’s natural beauty is unparalleled in its pristine and untouched state.

Australian’s are known for their friendly demeanour. This was experienced many times over by Martha Johnson and her international students in Australia. Many Australians were quick to engage with her as they found out that she taught about Australian identity through film. Their interesting questions showed just how invested Aussies are to their identity. They are also fun to converse with on just about any topic under the sun.

These are just a few surprising things about Australia. What other things have you noticed so far? Let us know in the comments or message us to chat. Thanks for learning with us!


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