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How do I use keywords in my resume and LinkedIn profile?

  1. Understand what keywords are.
  2. Highlight keywords in every job listing.
  3. Start with a base resume, but make each one specific.
  4. Infuse your resume with the right keywords.

How to Use Keywords in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

What are keywords and why are they important for your job application? In today’s TIPS, Ira Bowman teaches us how to beat the machine that scans our job applications. This is helpful for those building a life and career in Australia and all across the globe. Here, the author of “Keyword Ninjas” talks about how to use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

The first step is to understand what keywords are. Many mistake keywords to be the main words used to describe the industry. In reality, keywords are the set of words inside every job listing. These are specific points on the job description that need to appear in your application as well.

To use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile, highlight what you think are the main points in a job listing. Grab those words and use their synonyms on your resume. You can even use websites or hire professionals to see how the listing and your resume match. A match of 80% or higher is necessary to earn an interview with the best companies. The bigger the competition for the job (web developers, designers, managers), the higher your percentage must be.

After understanding and figuring out the keywords for a job listing, create a base resume. Get an ATS compliant resume from various online sources. This base is your foundation. Then, you can format and use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile. However, each resume you submit must be specific. Each listing has its own keywords you need to use. You don’t need a major overhaul for each one. Just rewrite your resume based on the necessary keywords.

A great way to use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile is to grab words from the company itself. Visit their website, LinkedIn or Facebook pages. Study the words they use to describe themselves. Then, infuse their words on your resume.

We hope Ira Bowman’s tips enlightened you on how to use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Keep on learning and improving yourself! Good luck.


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