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What do you like most about living in Sydney?

  1. Security and safety
  2. Good neighbourhoods
  3. Hidden gems
  4. Beaches

What Do You Like Most about Living in Sydney

Security and safety, good neighbourhoods, hidden gems and–of course–the beaches are some of the best things about living in Sydney. In today’s TIPS, Nicolas Duran talks about his favourite things about his city.

In the past 4 years, Nicolas Duran has enjoyed all the opportunities Sydney has to offer. Moving to Australia allowed him a sense of freedom he didn’t experience before. In Sydney, you can freely enjoy activities like biking, camping and going to parks. There’s a great variety of things to explore and try without worrying about your safety.

Speaking of exploring, the different neighbourhoods in Sydney are also quite intriguing. There are many little villages and suburbs that you can visit. Each one has its own culture and has lots to offer.

Another thing Nicolas Duran’s family likes the most about living in Sydney is the novelty of this city Even if you’ve lived here for decades, you are bound to find something new all over the city. Sydney is always reinventing itself. You’ll never get bored!

Finally, the beaches. With over 80 beaches in the city alone, you can enjoy some sun and sand all over the city. Choose a different beach each time, big or small, and prepare to be amazed.

These are just a few of the things we like the most about living in Sydney. If you’re considering living in this glorious city, Sydney will welcome you with open arms! We hope to see you soon.


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