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What are some helpful tips to ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview?

  1. Check your environment.
  2. Be mindful of your non-verbal cues.
  3. Practice before the interview.
  4. Ask about them.
  5. Look at the camera.
  6. Arrive early.
  7. Turn everything else off.

Helpful Tips to Ensure The Best Zoom, Skype Or Phone Interview

In this day and age, there are many simple ways to ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview. In this episode of TIPS, Ira Bowman shares some basic yet important tips on having a great online or phone job interview.

The first thing to check is your environment. You can do this by starting a session on Zoom and recording it. Watch the recording and see what can be removed from the background. Dispose of any clutter, change your camera’s angle and rearrange your space. Your lighting also greatly matters. Why?

Interview results are heavily influenced by non-verbal cues. If you are interviewing with a camera, make sure your face is prominent. Smile. Even for phone interviews, make sure your tone is consistent. Your smile can be heard through the phone. These cues are what help hiring managers determine whether your attitude is a good fit with the company culture.

The best way to get those nerves out is by practising before the interview. Figure out what potential questions the hiring manager may have and prepare your answers for them. There are also plenty of online guides to help you answer the most common interview questions. You can ask your peers who are working for the company you’re interviewing with for some tips. Those living in Australia can easily find a network of job seekers and employees who are willing to help each other out.

Another great tip to ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview is asking about them. Remember that an interview is a conversation. When given the opportunity, ask important questions about the company. Doing so shows you are taking this potential job seriously. Inquire about the management style. Also, ask about how the company handles promotions and raises. Some companies have a policy that requires a minimum of 24 months before a raise or promotion. By asking, you can determine whether your starting rate can meet your expectations and fit your timeline.

During a Zoom or Skype interview, remember to look at the camera. We know how tempting it is to look at the screen or at yourself. However, the only way the interview will look like an actual conversation is by looking at the camera.

The next tip to ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview is to arrive early. Have everything ready at least 5 minutes before the interview. Don’t wait for the last possible second to go online. Punctuality is a huge plus.
During your interview, turn everything else off. Ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview by avoiding distractions. Turning everything off also avoids lag. Don’t let anything rob you of your internet speed.

We hope these actionable and practical tips to ensure the best Zoom, Skype or phone interview help you land that job. Good luck!

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