Breaking the Silence on Bullying, Jessica Hickman

Episode 078
Jessica Hickman is the creator of Bullyology, a social work organization dedicated to preaching the dangers of bullying.
Today’s guest is a born social worker and manager. Assuming paid positions in these fields as young as 17, Jessica loved using open communication and empowering others in her work. Transferring to an oil and gas facility in Darwin changed her entire world as she experienced the traumatic effects of bullying firsthand, a catalyst that she used to change many lives, including her own. Meet Jessica Hickman.
Jessica embodies how an effective and people-oriented manager is supposed to be. Her resilience and everything she wished to represent were put to the test when a co-worker bullied her for 3 ½ years. This experience brought out her life’s mission: to help define and identify bullying, and to push for restorative justice in organizations both big and small.

Jessica has always been driven to achieve her goals, which have always centered on helping others. Earning recognition in her teens for her volunteer work at several youth drop in centers, she was urged by one of her mentors to advance her career by pursuing higher education.

Aside from studying, years of traveling and absorbing different cultures allowed her to build her resilience and thrive in the unknown. That is why when the opportunity to work for a global company based in Australia came knocking, Jessica plunged in and did what she does best: transforming lives through empathy and dedication. Her mission was to empower the workforce of men and women under her wing.

All her efforts were opposed by an office bully, one that would torment her for years. Starting from the subtlest sexist remarks to full on obsessive, destructive behavior, Jessica reported her abuser 32 times. The company took action, but it was not enough to save Jessica from the trauma and strain that impacted her mental and physical health.

Being the strong, independent woman that she is, as soon as she identified and accepted that she was being bullied, Jessica strengthened her spirituality and did everything she could to learn about bullying. After collapsing on the job in June 2017 due to her abuser’s pervading presence, Jessica realized that she needs to focus her knowledge and skill set on helping others avoid, report and overcome bullying. By October 2017, Bullyology was launched.

In this interview, Jessica talks about her own experience with bullying and the tools she used to survive her situation. She also speaks about her current projects and oozes with passion for social work and psychological safety.

You can connect with Jessica and her content through and through her podcast, The Bullyologist. She is also available on LinkedIn.

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